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Monroe-based CenturyLink rebranded itself as Lumen Technologies earlier this week while reaffirming the telecommunications company’s commitment to maintaining its corporate headquarters on U.S. Hwy 165.

Company executives announced the brand change Monday morning. The legal name is not expected to formally change until all regulatory requirements are satisfied, though the company stock ticker will change at market open on Friday from CTL to LUMN.

“Our people are dedicated to furthering human progress through technology,” said Lumen President and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Storey. “Lumen is all about enabling the amazing potential of our customers, by utilizing our technology platform, our people, and our relationships with customers and partners.”

In an interview with The Ouachita Citizen, Lumen President of Mass Markets Maxine Moreau, of Monroe, confirmed the rebranding would not affect the company’s headquarters.

“Our company headquarters will remain in Monroe, Louisiana,” Moreau said.

Though the company would undergo a name change, its financial strategy and financial reporting would remain the same, according to Lumen.

In spite of the legal name change, the CenturyLink brand and the associated landline business would continue under Lumen, according to Moreau.

“It will be the brand through which we serve our small business customers,” Moreau said.

Along with the name change, Lumen would apparently shift its focus from landline business to supporting customers involved in smart cities, retail and industrial robotics, automated factories as well as networking and security. Lumen will focus on enhancing customers’ abilities to acquire data and deliver actions to be competitive, Moreau said.

“It’s not just a brand and logo change,” said Moreau. “We are reinventing ourselves.”

“Lumen is our brand for our enterprise and government sectors,” Moreau said. “We will be launching a new brand called quantum fiber, where we invest in our fiber internet business. As customers are eligible for those services, they will be notified when it comes to their area.”

Currently, the company employs about 1,800 people in Louisiana. Most of those employees work in the Monroe area, according to Moreau.

“None of this changes any of that,” said Moreau, though she noted that Lumen, like other businesses, would consider to weigh its costs and changing needs in the future. “That’s an ever-changing thing. That has nothing to do with our exciting news today.”

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