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Cheniere Lake is not closed for duck hunting nor will the parish’s largest body of water be closed for other outdoor activities, a parish official says.

Ouachita Parish Police Jury Vice President Jack Clampit made the announcement Monday during the parish governing authority’s regular meeting.

“Somehow through miscommunication, it was reported that Cheniere Lake was closed due to duck hunting,” Clampit said.

That was not the case, he said. Any duck hunting occurring at the lake must respect state laws, he noted.

“But Cheniere Lake is open,” Clampit said.

On another front, the Police Jury introduced an ordinance requiring the owners of any occupied house or business to maintain a contractual agreement with a solid waste collection company to convey and dispose of garbage.

The ordinance amendment applied only to Garbage District No. 1, which includes the parish districts D and F.

Police Juror Ollibeth Reddix, who represents District D, offered the motion to introduce the ordinance. Interim Police Juror Kay Katz, who is temporarily representing District F, seconded Reddix’s motion.

“This is something that we wanted when I first came on the jury,” Reddix said.

Reddix and former Police Juror Pat Moore, who represented District F before her election to the state House of Representatives, previously spearheaded the adoption of a similar ordinance.

“That was the pilot program in District D and F,” Reddix said. “We discovered it was working really well. Now we want to make it permanent.”

Before the pilot program, Reddix said there were certain parts of the garbage district where homeowners or business owners refused to voluntarily arrange for the conveyance and disposal of garbage.

“There were areas that we simply couldn’t control,” Reddix said. “This was the only way we could have any semblance of control.”

In other business, the Police Jury recognized several parish employees for their years of service.

The employees honored included Floyd Robinson for five years of service at the parish public works department and Robin White for 10 years of service in the treasurer’s office.

“We appreciate the service of those individuals,” said Police Jury President Shane Smiley.

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David B

They need to do this for district B. Making the southside of Monroe have their trash hauled off while doing nothing about the trash that is dumped or burned in west Ouachita seems fairly racist.

By the way, open air burning of TRASH is illegal in this parish and anywhere in the state. If people have to give up some of their cigarettes and booze to afford a mere $25.00 a month to have their trash hauled off I am not going to feel sorry for them.

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