The city of Monroe Engineering Department installed new stop signs at North 6th Street & Glenmar Avenue and North 5th Street & Erin Avenue in the city’s Garden District last week.

The North 6th Street intersection at Glenmar Avenue was adjusted to a 4-Way Stop condition. Previously, there were stop signs only by the approaches to the intersection on Glenmar Avenue. Advance Warning Signs will also be installed on North 6th Street prior to the intersection. The North 5th Street intersection at Erin Avenue also was adjusted to a 4-Way Stop condition. Previously, there were stop signs only on the approaches to the intersection on Erin Avenue.

The stop signs were installed to offset the free flow conditions on the North 5th Street and North 6th Street corridors. Since these streets were previously one-way with two lanes and limited stop conditions, motorists consistently traveling above the speed limit. In addition to the installed 4-Way Stop conditions, this entire corridor is being studied to soften the speed and volume of motorists and the best ways to blend pedestrians and cyclists with the existing traffic, city officials say.

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