Mayor Jamie Mayo says he plans to relocate several city departments in one location on Stubbs Avenue after buying the old Department of Child and Family Services building for some $925,000.

The 23,000-square foot building has been vacant.

Mayo said the relocation of city departments could make the building a “one-stop shop” for citizen services.

Currently, the city’s utilities department is in a building off 4th Street, several departments are housed at Monroe City Hall, and others are at the City Hall Annex South building on Jackson Street.

The departments being relocated include the engineering department, utilities, Tax & Revenue, Planning & Zoning, Code enforcement, inspections, and the community development divisions from the PUD department.

“This will be the future home of our one-stop shop,” said Mayo, during a news conference Monday.

Mayo and the city’s director of administration, Stacey Rowell, indicated complaints from businesses sparked the idea of a one-stop shop.

“The fact of the matter is that they have to go to different locations to handle their business,” Mayo said.

Rowell said the relocation could be completed by the spring or summer of 2020. Some renovations of the Stubbs Avenue building could be required. Several people from the business community had asked for one spot where they could obtain permits, licenses, transact engineering business, and interact with inspectors, according to Rowell.

When asked how much the city expected to spend on renovations, Rowell said the city did not have any estimates at this time.

When asked what the city planned to do with its current buildings once emptied, Mayo said, “We’ll be looking at different options from rentals to sales and other options.”

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Where did the City of Monroe get almost 1 Million Dollars to pay for that building? Why didn't they move those offices to the old State Farm Building when it was empty?


I thought the State Farm building was always owned by the state after the company left Monroe. The state has moved most of the agencies in the area there over the past several years.

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