Jeffery Alan Thimesch

Jeffery Alan Thimesch

A West Monroe man was arrested on three counts of home improvement fraud last month, representing the latest in a series of similar charges filed against the suspect in West Monroe and Arkansas.

Jeffery Alan Thimesch, 29, with Geaux Remodeling and Restoration LLC, has been charged with misdemeanor and felony charges related to residential contractor’s fraud or misapplication of payments to a contractor since May 2017.

Four warrants related to contractor fraud have been filed against him since the beginning of the year.

In each of the four cases this year, the victims said they entered into a contract with Thimesch to replace the roof on their homes. Some paid Thimesch anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000, though he did not perform any of the work required under contract, victims told investigators with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office.

On May 14, sheriff’s deputies responded to a theft complaint from a victim on Inca Circle at West Monroe. The victim told deputies he hired Thimesch in September 2017 to replace the roof on his house. Under the roofing contract he signed with Thimesch, the victim agreed to pay some $8,200 for the repairs and paid Thimesch an initial amount of $3,804.86 for the cost of materials.

The victim claimed Thimesch said his house was next on his list for repairs and would start the next week.

After he issued the $3,800 check to Thimesch, the victim said he had not heard back from Thimesch nor had Thimesch done any work to the roof.

Thimesch was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on three counts of home improvement fraud on May 13, though he posted bail on those three charges.

Authorities were aware of past charges against Thimesch and the mounting complaints against him.

“Thimesch has contracted numerous jobs in this neighborhood and failed to complete the work, and he recently bonded himself out of OCC for residential contractor’s fraud,” stated an April 26 warrant for his arrest. “In one of the earlier cases, Thimesch arrived at the victim’s residence with the agreed upon completion date, and replaced a small section of shingles. He then made the comment to the victim, ‘I’ve done some of the work now, so you can’t have me arrested.’ The victim believes Thimesch came to her residence to spray the water mark for the same reason; however, the work fell outside of the 45-day allowance.”

Thimesch also was incarcerated in Arkansas on similar charges, according to a May 18, 2017 warrant for his arrest.

At Fourth Judicial District Court, court records show that some charges against Thimesch have been dismissed in open court or declined for prosecution by the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office. Other cases have been manually reassigned between judges and remain pending.

Homeowner’s $2,100

payment lost

In December 2016, Thimesch was arrested with two other suspects on marijuana possession charges.

A few months later, authorities issued a warrant for Thimesch’s arrest after another victim informed authorities that Thimesch had been hired to perform roof repairs and paid $2,103.18 to begin the work.

“The victim paid the suspect in the month of January in 2017 and has yet to see the suspect nor any work being started on the residence,” stated the May 18, 2017 warrant.

Thimesch collects

$20,000 for work

According to a Jan. 19, 2018 warrant, another victim told investigators she entered into a contract with Thimesch on April 1, 2017 to have the roof on her home repaired.

The victim said she paid Thimesch some $20,000 on May 24, 2017 to begin the work.

“She made contact with Thimesch’s company on June 6, 2017 after she had heard nothing since payment and was informed she was the third customer awaiting repairs,” stated the warrant.

“She stated the company told her it would be two weeks before someone could repair the roof. She stated she waited the two weeks and called again only to be told it would be another week before someone would arrive to fix the roof. She stated she (made contact with) the company after another week, and she was told weather was the reason for the delay.”

Someone came to her home and placed a tarp on the roof to stop the leak.

In July 2017, the victim said she sent emails to the company asking for a refund.

“She stated she never heard from the suspect, and even called the employee who told her the suspect wanted to talk back, and could not get in touch with him,” stated the warrant.

Eventually, she had to hire another company to perform the roof repairs.

Victim confronts suspect

at Wal-Mart

According to an April 13, 2018 warrant, the victim said she signed a contract with Thimesch’s company on March 30, 2017 to replace the roof on her house.

“The victim didn’t hear from the business owner, Jeffery Thimesch, for approximately three months until (Thimesch) called and requested money for building materials,” stated the warrant.

The victim said she provided Thimesch with a check for $2,425.12 to being repairs.

“The victim didn’t hear from the suspect again until (Aug. 29, 2017) when (Thimesch) called again asking for more money to buy supplies,” stated the warrant.

The victim said she provided Thimesch’s company with a second check in the amount of $2,111.19.

According to the victim, no building materials were ever delivered to her home and no one ever performed any work.

“The victim spent the next six and a half months trying to call the suspect but he would not answer his phone or return her phone calls,” stated the warrant.

In March 2018, the victim encountered Thimesch at the Wal-Mart store in Monroe and confronted him about obtaining her refund.

“Thimesch allegedly told the victim to wait and he would call her,” stated the warrant.

$6,450 paid

for paint on wall

According to an April 26, 2018 warrant, the victim told authorities she paid $6,450 to Thimesch on Sept. 7, 2017 to repair her roof and perform work on the interior.

“She stated Thimesch did not show up to do any work of any kind until after (Jan. 1, 2018),” stated the warrant. “She stated sometime in January or February, Thimesch came by with a can of spray paint and sprayed a water mark on her ceiling, and that is the only thing he has done other than promise he was going to do the work.”

There was no provision for an extension in the contract between Thimesch and the victim, according to the warrant.

Thimesch’s business office is at 2106 N. 7th St., Suite 210, West Monroe.

His arrest affidavits and warrants have listed several different addresses as his place of residence: 269 Cheniere Station Road, West Monroe; 394 Forty Oaks Farm Road, West Monroe; 1009 Dean Chapel Road, West Monroe; and 2301 Britton Road, Calhoun.

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