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The Monroe police officer widely believed to become the police department’s next chief under former Mayor Jamie Mayo no longer works for the city.

At the Monroe Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board’s meeting last week, Monroe City Attorney Angie Sturdivant revealed that police officers Reginald “Reggie” Brown and Joshua Rachow were no longer employed by the city. A third officer also has been dismissed, this newspaper has since learned.

After former Police Chief Eugene Ellis’ retirement in January, Mayo appointed Brown to serve as the department’s interim police chief. Brown was Mayo’s favorite for the position, though Mayo failed to secure re-election in July. Under Mayor Friday Ellis, Brown was removed from the role as interim chief and a new chief, Victor “Vic” Zordan, was confirmed in October.

The Ouachita Citizen has since learned that Charles "Chuck" Johnson III, who served as public information officer under Brown, also was dismissed.

When the Civil Service Board released the agenda for its Nov. 23 meeting, the board was expected to act on an “extension of administrative leave” for Brown and Rachow. That was no longer needed, Sturdivant told the board.

When asked what day Brown and Rachow left the city’s employment, Sturdivant directed The Ouachita Citizen to Ellis’ communications director Michelli Martin. Though the last day of each officer’s employment is public record, Martin declined to provide that information.

“Yeah, I can’t give you that,” Martin said.

The Office of State Examiner specifies that a civil servant’s change in status or position is a public record and shall be released if requested.

Earlier this week, Sturdivant said she preferred to provide that information by handing over a signed status slip rather than verbally delivering the information.

“The reason we didn’t have their personnel status changes was the person who handles that was out for Thanksgiving,” Sturdivant said.

The Ouachita Citizen requested the information days before Thanksgiving Day.

On Wednesday, after this newspaper went to press, Sturdivant provided The Ouachita Citizen with a copy of the personnel status change paperwork for Brown and Johnson. The paperwork showed each officer was dismissed from their jobs with the department.

City documents previously obtained by The Ouachita Citizen showed Rachow was initially placed on administrative leave at the same time as former police Cpl. Jared DeSadier. DeSadier now faces felony charges of malfeasance in office and second-degree battery, stemming from accusations he used excessive force in the arrest of Timothy Williams in April. Williams accused police of battering him, and body cam footage from the arresting officers appeared to show DeSadier kicking Williams in the face while the subject was lying face down on the ground, with his hands behind his back.

DeSadier resigned from the force in late July.

Officials with the city and Civil Service Board have declined to say why Brown or Rachow were initially placed on administrative leave other than noting an investigation was underway.

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