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SOS Pets of Ouachita recently broke ground on property that is expected to become the site of a new animal shelter facility replacing the current Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter.

The new facility would be larger than the current animal shelter and include an intake center, space for animal control, a building with 50 heated kennels, and adoption center and more.

“We are thrilled to have reached this historic milestone in the groundbreaking for our new shelter,” said Joan Hampton, with SOS Pets of Ouachita. “We appreciate the substantial turnout by our elected officials, our VIP donors, and our faithful supporters. all of whom have made this possible.  We expect significant construction progress within the next 12-18 months.   This celebration represents a major win for our homeless animals, who have been overlooked and at the bottom of every possible list for at least a half century.”

SOS Pets began in February 2017 with a $1 deposit.

According to Hampton, the new animal shelter is planned to be an “open admittance shelter” accepting more than 6,000 animals a year. The goal, Hampton said, is to become a “no kill” shelter, referring to the practice of euthanasia on surrendered animals to provide space.

“The modern new shelter will also be a quality of life attraction for our residents, which by default will generate increased interaction with shelter pets,” Hampton said.

“This will lead to improved adoption rates, public awareness regarding humane treatment of animals, and responsible pet ownership.”

SOS Pets of Ouachita plans to enter into agreements with other parishes in northeastern Louisiana to become a regional animal shelter.

“We are partially funded to build the new shelter at the new location on donated property,” Hampton said. “We will begin construction of the Adoption Center and Kennel Building.  If funding goals are not met, the Receiving Building will continue to operate out of the existing nearby facility until funding is eventually met.”

SOS Pets recently kicked off a Leave Your Mark campaign seeking sponsors for naming rights to the animal shelter. Sponsorships are available online at

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