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A Monroe man is expected to face sentencing this month after pleading guilty last year to negligent homicide, stemming from a shooting at Parkview Apartments in southern Monroe in June 2020.

Andre D’von Lewis, 19, of Monroe, pleaded guilty to the charge during a Nov. 12 hearing, according to records filed at Fourth Judicial District Court last month. Judge Marcus Hunter is expected to review a pre-sentence file and impose sentencing during a Jan. 19 hearing, according to Fourth Judicial District Attorney Steve Tew’s office.

Lewis shot his friend, Erick D. Goodin, 19, in the neck during an apparent dispute in Lewis’ bedroom at his family’s apartment. After the shooting, Lewis exited the room, told his family Goodin committed suicide. Police determined Lewis also tried to dispose of the gun and shell casing, too.

Monroe attorney Darrell “Rooster” Oliveaux, who represented Lewis at the hearing, declined to comment.

Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Johnson, who serves as Tew’s spokesperson, told The Ouachita Citizen there was no plea agreement between the parties except for the charge of negligent homicide.

The judge was expected to determine Lewis’ sentence after reviewing the pre-sentence investigation (PSI) report, according to Johnson. A PSI report outlined the defendant’s background and whether there were any aggravating or mitigating circumstances surrounding the offense.

Monroe police investigated the June 22 shooting at Parkview Apartments as a homicide based on the coroner and the detective’s suspicion the wounds were not self-inflicted. Goodin had a gunshot wound to his neck but no weapon or shell casing was recovered.

At the time of the incident, Lewis told the detective that he was not inside the bedroom when he heard the gunshot. He claimed that one of the many people piling into the apartment had encouraged him to “get rid of the shell casing.”

“I asked Andrew did he see the gun and he said no but it was probably a Taurus 9,” stated the detective’s report.

A gun powder residue test administered to Lewis showed a positive result. Police could not preserve the integrity of the crime scene because of the 25 to 30 people who entered the area after the shooting.

On June 23, Lewis told police he did not want to speak about the incident because he had a “hurting feeling to see his best friend do something like that to himself.” According to Lewis’ brief remarks to the detective, he claimed he exited the bathroom, heard something and looked inside his bedroom. He did not elaborate further.

A witness who lived in the same apartment as Lewis told police that Goodin was Lewis’ “good friend.” He saw Goodin enter Lewis’ bedroom and close the door just before he heard a gunshot.

“Informant stated Andrew was somewhere in the back of the residence when the noise was heard, then he opened the bedroom door and said to (another resident), ‘Momma, Erick shot himself,’” stated the detective’s report.

Goodin had been living in the same apartment for some time and sharing the same room with Lewis, according to the witness.

Lewis’ mother confirmed the witness’ account, adding she heard Goodin say, “I’m tired of this, I’m tired of this,” or “I’m sick of this s**t,” before leaving the living room to enter Lewis’ bedroom.

During a second interview with police on June 23, Lewis admitted he shot Goodin one time with a small caliber handgun in the neck. He repeatedly claimed it was an accident.

The district attorney’s office filed a bill of information in August, charging Lewis with negligent homicide.

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