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Monroe businessman Douglas Harvey was elected to represent District 1 on the Monroe City Council after not drawing any opposition during qualifying last week.

Michael Echols tendered his resignation from the City Council last Friday. Echols was sworn in Monday as a member of the state House of Representatives.

In his Jan. 10 letter, Echols asked the other members of the City Council to appoint Harvey as an interim council member to complete his unexpired term.

Echols’ unexpired term on the City Council concludes in June.

“This would allow him the opportunity to get to work as soon as possible and to transition with my help over the next couple of months,” Echols said. “He will be working in the district between now and the time he takes office and has assured me he looks forward to meeting and working with each of you.”

Harvey told The Ouachita Citizen on Monday that, though elected without opposition, he was still getting out to meet the residents of District 1.

“Obviously, we’re really excited about the result,” Harvey said. “Winning unopposed means we can get right to work.”

Among his priorities once in office, Harvey said he would represent constituents’ concerns about the prevalence of crime and large spikes in residents’ water bills

“If you’re in a Facebook neighborhood group, you’ll see posts just about every other day where someone’s house or vehicle was broken into,” Harvey said. “In District 1, there are complaints of big usage spikes in their water bills. They’re not getting the response they feel they should be getting from the administration.”

Harvey works as the plant manager for Drax Biomass’s Urania facility and previously served in the same capacity in their Bastrop facility.

He has been a supporter of local workforce development and has served on the advisory board for Louisiana Delta Community College’s manufacturing programs. He is a real estate investor and previously owned a small business. Harvey also serves on the board of Louisiana Catalyst, a small business incubator housed in downtown Monroe.

In his Jan. 10 letter, Echols said he was honored to serve the citizens for four years.

“The people of our city have been a joy to work for and we have made progress in those years in District 1,” Echols said.

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