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The city of West Monroe Fire Department will be conducting hydrant flow tests on nearly 800 fire hydrants through Oct. 25.

The West Monroe Fire Department will conduct hydrant flow tests on 781 fire hydrants located throughout the City of West Monroe.

Hydrant flow tests are conducted each year to measure real world pressure and flow in the water system and are required for fire sprinkler design and for firefighting modeling purposes. These tests are generally known as fire flow tests because the highest demands of the water system occur when fighting fire.

Flowing the fire hydrants assists with the flushing process and helps to remove corrosion, scale and sediment that build up throughout the year. Residents should be aware there will be a temporary drop in water pressure during testing, and discolored water sometimes results following the flow tests. Both of these issues are temporary and should clear up quickly.

The West Monroe Fire Department apologizes for any inconvenience the testing may cause but reminds the public this service is necessary to ensure the safety of West Monroe residents and visitors. In an effort to minimize these issues, the West Monroe Fire Department is working with the City’s Water Department to expedite the process.

MFD conducts testing

The Monroe Fire Department will be conducting citywide fire hydrant inspections and flushing.

The inspections will last through Friday, Oct. 23.

These inspections are necessary to ensure proper operation of city fire hydrants as well as to ensure a sufficient supply of water in the event of a fire emergency in your area.

During the inspection process, residents may see a mild fluctuation in water pressure and the possibility of discolored water. To minimize problems that may occur, residents are asked to check their water supply thoroughly before cooking or doing laundry.

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