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Fourth Judicial District Court law clerk Allyson Campbell asked a judge last week to dismiss her lawsuit against Monroe businessman Stanley Palowsky III and his attorneys.

Campbell filed the lawsuit against Palowsky, Joe Ward of Covington and Sedric Banks of Monroe in July, claiming her professional reputation was ruined and her emotional condition distressed in light of allegations Palowsky aired in litigation he pursued against Campbell and others in district court in Monroe.

Though Campbell filed the lawsuit against Palowsky and his attorneys months ago, she withheld service from the defendants. Unless a lawsuit is served to defendants, any proceedings from that lawsuit have no effect, under state law.

Campbell’s lawsuit arose from controversy surrounding herself and other court officials, who were accused by Palowsky of conspiring to conceal Campbell’s alleged payroll fraud and concealment or destruction of court records.

Palowsky’s accusations surfaced in a lawsuit he filed last year in Stanley R. Palowsky III v. Allyson Campbell and others.

Campbell’s attorney, Brian Crawford of Monroe, suggested to Fourth Judicial District Court Judge Robert Johnson that Campbell’s lawsuit be dismissed. Johnson added handwritten notes to Campbell’s motion to dismiss, setting the location and date, Oct. 6, for the motion’s signing.

“On motion of plaintiff M. Allyson Campbell, through her undersigned counsel, and on suggesting to the Court that Ms. Campbell desires to dismiss this action without prejudice, and upon certifying to the Court that no service of process has been made nor has any appearance been made by any defendant, and that costs have been paid,” stated Campbell’s Oct. 6 motion for dismissal.

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