The Louisiana Democratic Party and Democratic legislators announced plans over the weekend to file a lawsuit to prevent the Secretary of State from certifying the July 11 election until it is certain voters had their absentee ballots counted.

The July 11 news conference conference was led by Rep. Kyle Green, Vice Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party, Rep. Mandie Landry, Rep. Jason Hughes, Rep. Ted James, Rep. Royce Duplessis, and Sen. Katrina Jackson.

“It’s unacceptable for our Secretary of State to continue to pass the buck. If he didn’t want the job, he shouldn’t have run for it,” James said. “We’ve known, we’ve warned, we’ve asked nicely several times. And in every iteration of questions, it’s someone else’s fault. It’s simply not acceptable for Louisiana voters.”

Legislators shared their outrage over recent reports of constituents who never received their absentee ballots, received the ballot without enough time to meet the deadline, or whose ballots or ballot requests were never received by the Secretary of State. In response to these reports, Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin blamed the postal service and said these voters should cast their ballot in person instead.

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What good is it going to do to file a lawsuit? Do these plaintiffs think that they have a right to hold up an election because somebody didn't get their mail? Come on, people. Quit trying to make political hay from a post-office error. Sue the Postmaster General if you have to sue somebody.

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