Terrance Lamond Taylor

A Monroe Fire Department fire inspector was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse battery last month.

Monroe police arrested Terrance Lamond Taylor, 45, of South 3rd Street, Monroe, for striking his romantic partner on the back of her head with an open palm.

The incident occurred under the carport of the couple’s home, according to the June 16 arrest report.

“Taylor was highly intoxicated during the time this incident occurred,” stated the arrest report. “Upon initial contact (police) observed a strong odor of alcohol coming off his person. Taylor advised me that he had been drinking the entire day prior to this incident.”

Taylor and the victim had lived together for some seven years, and had a two-year-old daughter together.

At a June 18 hearing before Fourth Judicial District Court Judge Stephens Winters, Taylor informed the court he would retain counsel and return to court for arraignment on July 25.

The court ordered Taylor to have no contact with the victim.

Monroe Fire Chief Terry Williams told The Ouachita Citizen that Taylor would continue his work as normal while an internal affairs investigation was conducted.

“He is performing his normal duties as we conduct an ongoing internal affairs investigation,” Williams said. “As with any employee, due process procedures must be followed.

Once the due process has been completed, a decision will be made as to what or if any disciplinary action will be taken.”

In 2011, Taylor faced a charge of possession of an open alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle.

Fourth Judicial District Court records indicated the law enforcement agency involved in Taylor’s 2011 charge was University of Louisiana-Monroe Police. Taylor was charged with having an open container through a January 2011 bill of information or affidavit — though there was no copy of those documents in the court record at the district court.

“This prosecution having been instituted by bill of information and/or affidavit, filed 01/20/2011, against defendant, Terrance Lamond Taylor, is hereby dismissed in accordance with Article 961 of the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure,” stated a May 4, 2011 motion to dismiss signed by Assistant District Attorney Kevin H. Johnson.

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