David M. Hill

A West Monroe man who works as the Monroe Fire Department’s chief investigator was arrested last month along with his wife on a felony count of insurance fraud.

David Malcolm Hill Jr., 53, and his wife, Dana Fuller Hill, 37, of Carra Lane, West Monroe, filed a false damage claim on a 2002 Volvo V70 and defrauded Geico Insurance Company of some $3,500, according to a May 14 warrant for their arrest.

David and Dana Hill have each faced a handful of criminal charges in recent years.

At the fire department, Hill serves as chief of the investigative division as well as the department’s chief arson investigator. Hill also has worked as a police officer for the Richwood Police Department.

Monroe Fire Chief Terry Williams did not disclose Hill’s current job status to The Ouachita Citizen when the newspaper approached him about the matter prior to a Monroe Civil Service Board meeting on Tuesday.

“David Hill is still an employee of the Monroe Fire Department,” Williams said.

When asked whether Hill was suspended or on administrative leave in light of his arrest, Williams said, “David Hill is still an employee of the Monroe Fire Department. That’s all I’m going to say about that. David Hill is still an employee of the Monroe Fire Department.”

Couple makes

hail damage claim

A West Monroe police officer submitted the initial complaint against the Hills to the State Police Insurance Fraud and Auto Theft Unit at the Monroe Field Office in July 2017.

According to the initial complaint, the Hills filed a fraudulent property damage insurance claim by reporting their 2002 Volvo car as damaged by a hail storm.

The complaint accused the Hills of trying to receive payment from their insurance carrier, in spite of their car’s pre-existing damage — unrelated to any hail storm.

Filing a fraudulent insurance claim is a violation of state law.

The Hills bought the Volvo in February 2017 and filed a property damage claim against the car’s insurance policy in April 2017.

“(Dana) Hill informed GEICO the entire exterior of the vehicle was damaged during a hail storm, the previous day, in Lincoln Parish,” stated the State Police warrant.

An insurance adjuster estimated the damages at some $3,500, which made the car a total loss.

State Police investigators discovered a previous owner of the Volvo had made a hail-related insurance claim in May 2011 and in April 2012. After making contact with one of the previous owners, investigators learned the Volvo had been sold in May 2016 with hail damage present on the car’s exterior. The owner who sold the Volvo to the Hills told State Police the car was extensively damaged by hail and provided photos taken of the car before he sold it to the Hills.

Last month, State Police investigators asked the Hills to meet with them for an interview.

“Mr. Hill said he and his wife would voluntarily come to my office this same afternoon and provide a statement,” stated the State Police warrant. “Both Mr. and Mrs. Hill failed to appear as agreed upon.”

Dana Hill’s

other fraud charges

Last month, Dana Hill was charged with issuing a worthless check on a warrant signed by Assistant District Attorney Douglas Haynes. The check in question was dated Dec. 20, 2017 for $591, issued to a local pediatric dentist.

In April, Dana Hill was charged with three felony counts of obtaining hydrocodone by fraud.

Metro Narcotics Unit agents discovered that Dana Hill had tried to pass a suspicious prescription for Hydrocodone from her dentist’s office, according to the April 12 warrant. Her dentist was notified by the pharmacy of the apparently fraudulent prescription. The dentist reported Dana Hill to authorities.

Pharmacy personnel told Metro Narcotics that Dana Hill had tried to pass similar prescriptions at another location on four different dates. Her dentist confirmed all four prescriptions were fraudulent.

A review of Fourth Judicial District Court records shows Dana Hill has been charged with other charges, including fraud and theft, in recent years.

Arson investigator’s

assault conviction

In September 2012, the Second Circuit Court of Appeal upheld a conviction of aggravated assault against David Hill. He was working as the fire department’s chief arson investigator at the time.

The conviction stemmed from an October 2011 complaint by Brandon Grant, of West Monroe, that while he was driving down Trenton Street, he asked David and Dana Hill whether they needed help guiding a group of children walking through the neighborhood.

According to Grant’s testimony at trial, David Hill began cursing him, pointed a gun to his head and threatened to “blow his God****” brains out. The October 2011 warrant stated that David Hill told Grant, “I will blow your f****** brains out.”

At trial, David Hill denied pointing the gun at Grant and claimed he acted only in self-defense.

“Aiming a pistol at a victim from point blank range and threatening to ‘blow his brains out’ satisfies the level of proof required for conviction, if believed by the trial court,” stated the Second Circuit’s Sept. 26, 2012 ruling.

“The trial court concluded that the defendant actually pointed the gun at the victim and that the force used was more than was necessary under these facts. Likewise, we find nothing here that justifies the violent actions taken by Hill.”

The West Monroe police officer, Capt. Jennifer Smith, who signed the warrant for David Hill’s arrest in 2011 was the same officer who submitted the insurance fraud complaint against the Hills in 2017.

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