Monroe insurance producer Mickey Glen Bennett was recently ordered by the state to cease and desist for continuing to transact insurance-related business after having his Louisiana insurance license revoked for failing to remit payments to an insurance company on behalf of an insured.

Bennett was originally cited for this action on July 26, 2019, and following an administrative appeal, Bennett’s producer license was revoked on December 10, 2019.

Insurance Commission Jim Donelon’s office issued the order.

On May 27, the Division of Fraud and Enforcement of the Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI), received notice that Bennett continued to perform duties reserved for licensed agents, accepting over $70,000 in client funds for a commercial indemnity policy.

In spite of receiving payment and providing a scanned copy of a policy to the insured, the LDI investigation found that coverage was never bound and the insurer reported no record of issuance for the policy number provided to the client.

“My office has moved swiftly to investigate and act on this fundamental breach of trust between this former agent and his client,” said Donelon. “This matter is particularly egregious given the terms of Mr. Bennett’s license revocation less than six months ago and the amount of the premium that was not remitted to the insurer.”

This case remains under further investigation by the LDI Division of Fraud and Enforcement.

Individuals or businesses with information regarding this case or other insurance-related activities by Bennett are encouraged to report these matters by calling (225) 342-4956.

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