A Monroe judge sentenced a Grayson man to serve three years in prison at hard labor last October for for terrorizing, stemming from the man’s bomb threats to a local organization helping victims of domestic violence.

Jonah Thomas Madison, 25, of Grayson, pleaded guilty to one count of terrorizing an Oct. 13, 2019 hearing before Fourth Judicial District Court Judge Scott Leehy, of Monroe. Leehy sentenced Madison to three years at hard labor.

Though the hearing took place last October at the Ouachita Parish Courthouse, the district court’s records were not updated until recently in light of apparent ongoing delays related to COVID-19.

Madison’s charges stemmed from an April 23, 2019 incident when Madison allegedly called the Family Justice Center of Ouachita Parish on Riverside Drive in Monroe and told them he placed a bomb at the building. The Family Justice Center offers many services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and more.

A recording device showed Madison called and said, “I have placed a bomb on the front of your building. Y’all need to contact law enforcement or I will kill everyone in that building. I want to hear you contact law enforcement. You have 30 minutes, do not hang up.”

In response to Madison’s alleged threat, law enforcement ordered the Family Justice Center building be evacuated. No explosive devices were found.

“These harassing/threatening calls continued through the evening on this same date,” stated the April 23, 2019 warrant. “It was learned that the male subject had been calling a domestic violence ‘hotline’ which rolls over to other Wellspring offices, at different times of the day.”

Madison allegedly made another call to the Family Justice Center nearly a week later.

A recording of the telephone communication showed the caller said, “I put a bomb on the side of the building, left side. I need you to get law enforcement and evacuate the building. You have thirty minutes.”

The caller claimed he would press a button” if the center’s employees did not call 911. The caller said he held his children at gunpoint in the car and said, “I’m gonna kill them all.”

“The caller said the children’s mouths were duct taped closed, adding he had killed their mother and she was lying on the living room floor in West Monroe,” stated the warrant. “The caller also claimed he and seven of his friends had raped his own daughter, describing her to be wearing a pretty yellow dress that now had blood all over it.”

The caller also threatened to shoot the building and throw “tear gas” through the windows.

Authorities could not identify the caller or his location until midway through the recorded telephone call investigators heard the notification, “This call will terminate in one minute.” That notification led investigators to suspect the caller was in a correctional facility.

A search of correctional facility telephone records revealed the calls were made from Caldwell Correctional Center where Madison was serving time.

During questioning, Madison denied the allegations. Investigators believed Madison’s voice matched the one speaking on the recorded telephone calls.

Madison was serving a five-year sentence after he pleaded guilty in September 2013 to communication of false information about a planned bombing on school property. Other criminal records showed Madison had conducted similar offenses, authorities said.

Though he was originally charged with two counts of terrorizing and two counts of communication of false information about arson, all but the one terrorizing count were dismissed under the plea agreement.

During the hearing last October, Leehy also ordered a lifetime protective order be issued in a separate case in which Madison allegedly made other violent threats against a female victim.

In a Oct. 30, 2019 arrest report, Madison was accused of writing a letter for another inmate at Ouachita Correctional Center, threatening a female victim.

“The letter stated multiple threats like ‘he was going to shoot her house up and he was going to strap her down to a chair, pour gas all over her and cut her fingers off one at a time then burn her to death,’” stated the arrest report. “The suspect also wrote, ‘I got yo address so I know your every move. I know if you try to contact the police I have my n***as watching your house. I’m tell them to place a explosive deviec on side yo place tonight and under yo car. B***h you better send money to my n***as or you gone die B***H.’”

Other inmates told deputies that Madison wrote the letter under the name of another inmate, so as to get that inmate in trouble.

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