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Fourth Judicial District Court Judge Larry Jefferson sentenced a Monroe man to 20 years at hard labor for the manslaughter of JonMark Miletello during a fight at a home in Treasure Island in May 2019.

In May, a jury found Jonathan Michael Hogg, 19, of Monroe, guilty of manslaughter after a trial that lasted 12 days.

Hogg was arrested in May 2019 for killing Miletello as well as for shooting and injuring D’veil Freeman Jr. at the Treasure Island home where Hogg lived with his mother, Vicki. Miletello and Freeman had visited Hogg’s home in a dispute over money owed for drugs, investigators said.

After a fight, Hogg took hold of a handgun and fired several shots at Miletello and Freeman as the pair tried to flee the Hogg residence.

During an Oct. 7 hearing, Jefferson sentenced Hogg to 20 years for manslaughter, five years for aggravated battery, five years for attempted possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and a $100 fine for simple possession of marijuana.

The sentences were set to run concurrently, and Hogg was given credit for time already served in prison.

Assistant Attorney General Madeleine Slaughter prosecuted Hogg at trial on behalf of state Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office.

“Our office remains committed to making Louisiana safer and getting justice for crime victims. We are proud of the prosecutorial work to convict Jonathan Hogg,” said Cory Dennis, a spokesperson for Landry’s office. “And we pray the jury’s decision and the judge’s sentence will bring comfort to the victim’s family.”

Miletello’s parents declined to comment.

Nearly a month after trial, Hogg’s attorneys argued the court should set aside the jury’s verdict because the state failed to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Hogg was not acting in self-defense.

“Defendant raised self-defense as an issue but the State failed to carry its burden,” stated the defendant’s July 23 motion for judgment notwithstanding verdict. “Louisiana law provides for self-defense. Mr. Miletello and his friends came to the home of defendant for the purpose of robbing and/or beating the defendant and his friends.

“Defendant was at his home playing video games with his friends, and did not seek out Mr. Miletello or Mr. Freeman.”

Hogg was represented at trial by West Monroe attorneys Ron Cook and Richard Fewell Jr.

The Attorney General’s office argued Hogg’s attorneys did not challenge any of the evidence presented at trial but simply questioned the credibility of the jury to render a verdict.

“Finally, the jury’s verdict of manslaughter in this case shows that the jury fully explored the testimony and physical evidence in this case and seriously considered all that was presented in returning this responsive verdict,” stated the Attorney General’s July 27 memorandum.

“First and foremost, the State had charged the Defendant with Second-Degree Murder, and the jury considered the evidence, deliberated for approximately five hours, and decided that the lesser included offense of manslaughter was the appropriate verdict based upon all the evidence presented.”

Hogg was not at a risk of bodily harm when he fired several shots toward the victims, including Miletello, as they fled, argued Assistant Attorney General Christopher Walters.

As previously reported by The Ouachita Citizen, court documents in State of Louisiana v. Jonathan Michael Hogg indicated Hogg had marijuana at his home before the shooting. Ouachita Parish sheriff’s investigator Miranda Rogers also received an anonymous tip that Hogg had received LSD, or acid, the weekend of the shooting.

Jonathan and Vicki Hogg removed all the drugs from the home before notifying authorities, according to Rogers’ report.

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