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The city of Monroe posted a $80,000 surplus in its general fund for the fiscal year ending in April 2020.

A local auditor delivered the good news to the Monroe City Council during the council's Feb. 9 meeting. Allen, Green & Williams, a Monroe certified public accounting firm, conducted the audit.

Tim Green, a partner at the CPA firm, made the audit presentation to the City Council.

Green said the city has some three months of reserve funds in the city’s general fund, which he referred to as a “good” fund balance.

“We would like to acknowledge that management has done a really good job,” Green said.

As in past years, Green warned that the Monroe Civic Center's failing revenues continued to drain the city's general fund. The Civic Center, obviously, had not generated revenues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jennie Henry, a supervisor with Allen, Green and Williams, said the city's audit resulted in four findings, though she claimed two of the findings were later resolved.

Two of the findings pertained to insufficient attendance documentation and the city's cash management of federal programs.

Stacey Rowell, the city's director of administration, expressed appreciation to the various departments within the city for their part in the outcome of the audit.

“The audit is of the entire city and it takes every department doing their part,” Rowell said. “I want to thank the departments for pulling their wait and doing the right things, and consistently doing the right things, because that’s what it’s about, it’s about consistency.”

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