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The Ouachita Parish Police Jury approved an ordinance this week revoking certain parish roads as public roadways.

Many of the roads revoked have either not been maintained for decades, have been closed off by landowners or no longer serve a public purpose, according to parish officials.

During its regular meeting on Monday, the Police Jury removed L.E. Sims Road and Travis Street from the ordinance’s revocation list. All other listed roads will be revoked.

Police Jury Vice President Jack Clampit asked Kevin Crosby, the parish consulting engineer, where the city limits stopped and started on Travis Street. Crosby was unable to answer.

“I can’t give you a definite answer on that,” Crosby said.

Clampit proposed that Travis Street be removed from the revocation list until the exact city limits are known. The substitute motion passed unanimously.

The Police Jury sent letters to all landowners effected by the ordinance prior to their regular meeting on July 19.

After hearing from a concerned landowner, Assistant District Attorney Jay Mitchell suggested L.E. Sims Road be removed from the revocation list. L.E. Sims Road only serves one house, but it goes through another property before reaching that one, according to Mitchell.

The Police Jury unanimously voted to remove L.E. Sims Road from the list.

James Smith of Lenwil Road, one of the revoked roads, was concerned about still having access to his property if the ordinance passed. Mitchell assured Smith the revocation would be made with a reservation of the right of landowners to enter and leave attached properties. Mitchell also said Smith’s utilities would not be affected by the revocation of Lenwil Road.

In other business, the Police Jury authorized the temporary closure of Cheniere Area 3 for the duration of the construction to replace the Cheniere Lake spillway and attached bridge on LA 3033 in West Monroe.

The project’s contractor told Clampit there have been instances of children attempting to play on the construction equipment located near the park. For safety purposes, the Police Jury unanimously voted to close Area 3.

The construction began on Feb. 1 and will continue until mid-2022, according to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. Area 3 will remain closed until then.

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