The 99th Annual Monroe Chamber of Commerce Meeting and Banquet is scheduled for Thursday,

Feb. 6 at the Monroe Civic Center. Dr. Loren C. Scott, president and founder of Loren C. Scott and Associates will serve as the keynote speaker.

The event will also feature remarks from James Moore, III, partner with Moore Investments and the 2019 Monroe Chamber Chairman and Terri Hicks, COO/CFO of Specialty Mgmt.

Services of Ouachita and Vice President of Procedural Services for St. Francis Medical Center and the 2020 Chairman-elect.

The 2019 recipients of the Rambin-Silverstein Award and the Kitty DeGree Foundation Lifetime Business Achievement Award will be announced following the Scott’s address.

Tickets for the event are $45.00 per person for Monroe Chamber members and reservations are required.

For tickets or more information, please call Ruthie Wheatley at 807-4004 or Daphne Garrett at 807-4018.

Scott founded Loren C. Scott & Associates, in 1985. The company provides economic consulting and public speaking services for a wide range of clients. Consulting activities include impact studies, forecasting services, analysis of policy proposals, and general economic analyses.

Dr. Scott makes 50-70 presentations a year on the state of — and the outlook for — the economy and the energy sector in particular.

He is one of the 32-member National Business Economic Issues Council, which meets quarterly to discuss issues of state, national, and international interest. This group has experts who cover international trade, Washington economic policy, retail trade, trucking, steel, chemicals, etc. Dr. Scott is an energy specialist on the NBEIC.

He has been appointed to the Economic Advisory Board of the U.S. Council on Competitiveness — a group made up of the CEOs of the Fortune 100, top university presidents, and presidents of three major unions. Scott is co-developer of the Louisiana econometric model, a model used for providing annual forecasts of the Louisiana economy, which are released each fall.

Scott was on the Economics Department faculty at Louisiana State University from 1969 to 1998, where he rose through the ranks from Assistant Professor to the holder of the Freeport-McMoran endowed Chair of Economics.

He received seven awards at LSU for outstanding classroom teaching.

He is presently Professor Emeritus of Economics at LSU.

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