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Leaders of the Louisiana Republican Party were in the Twin Cities earlier this week to open a Regional Headquarters and to provide training for a cadre of local volunteers.

The top GOP elected official in the state, Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of more than 100 Republicans at the first Monday meeting of the Ouachita Parish Women’s Republican Club.

Later that day, Nungesser cut the symbolic ribbon to initiate the 2019 Campaign Season and officially open the Republican Headquarters located within the Mid-City Plaza at 1651 Louisville Avenue. An impressive number of OPWRC members, candidates, and elected officials were on hand to participate in the festivities.

Among the crowd were both Republican candidates for Governor. Fifth District Congressman Ralph Abraham and his wife, Dianne, were present along with many of their supporters. Eddie Rispone and his wife, Linda, attended both events of the day. Rispone was in town to open a regional office for his campaign in the front corridor of the expansive complex. His staff invited guests to a meet and greet within the candidate’s command center.

Last Tuesday, the Ouachita Parish Republicans opened the doors for business. Three training sessions were attended by 35 enthusiastic volunteers. Andrew Bautsch, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Louisiana, provided instruction on software which will be used by local volunteers. This Get Out the Vote initiative intends to ensure that voters go to the polls to cast votes for Republican candidates.

LAGOP will support regional endeavors across the state to increase voter participation on October 12. Members of the Ouachita Parish Women’s Republican Club are planning to dedicate 2 hours per week to this pilot project. Instead of a robot calling them – local citizens can expect to receive a friendly reminder about the importance of the fall election.

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