Ouachita Parish Courthouse

The state Supreme Court recently brushed off Monroe businessman Stanley Palowsky III’s request to question Fourth Judicial District Court officials in a deposition without giving them advance notice about what he may ask them.

On Nov. 23, the Supreme Court denied a writ filed by Palowsky as part of his ongoing lawsuit against law clerk Allyson Campbell and five judges at the district court.

Palowsky first sued Campbell in 2015, accusing her of concealing or destroying documents he filed in a separate lawsuit against his former business partner, Brandon Cork. Later, Palowsky also sued Fourth Judicial District Court judges Fred Amman, Ben Jones, Wilson Rambo, Carl Sharp and Stephens Winters. Palowsky claimed the five judges conspired to conceal Campbell’s activities.

Amman, Jones and Sharp have since retired from the bench. Jones now serves as the court’s administrator.

The Supreme Court’s action last week left in place a protective order issued by retired Judge Jerry Barbera, of Thibodaux. Barbera is presiding over Stanley R. Palowsky III and others v. Allyson Campbell and others at the district court.

Barbera’s protective order in September 2020 specifically ordered Palowsky to give a written notice of a deposition to each defendant judge at least 10 days before a deposition. The written notice also should outline all areas of inquiry in addition to protecting all deposition transcripts from public disclosure, according to Barbera’s ruling.

In his writ, Palowsky contended the protective order was unusual in civil litigation and gave the law clerk and judges more relief than they originally asked. The protective order would allow judges to evade questioning in any civil proceeding if they were given time to prepare answers to questions ahead of a deposition or trial, Palowsky argued.

Four justices at the Supreme Court voted to deny Palowsky’s writ. Justice Jay McCallum, of Farmerville, and Justice William Crain each recused from the case.

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