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The state Supreme Court suspended Monroe Assistant City Attorney Brandon Creekbaum from practicing law last week in light of a driving while intoxicated offense he incurred earlier this year.

In its Oct. 5 per curiam, the Supreme Court suspended Creekbaum for one year and a day, though it deferred the entire suspension.

The court order stemmed from an investigation by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel which investigated allegations Creekbaum was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated (second offense) in February.

Monroe police arrested Creekbaum at the time after responding to a single-vehicle crash involving Creekbaum on North 7th Street. Police reported detecting the odor of alcohol on Creekbaum’s person and observed him to sway and have bloodshot eyes.

“It is further ordered that this suspension shall be deferred in its entirety and that respondent shall be placed on probation for a period to coincide with the term of his recovery agreement with the Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program,” stated the Supreme Court’s order.

“Any failure of respondent to comply with the terms of the agreement may be grounds for making the deferred suspension executory, or imposing additional discipline, as appropriate.”

All costs and expenses in the matter were assessed to Creekbaum.

Michelli Martin, a spokesperson for the city, indicated the court order would have no impact on Creekbaum’s ongoing work on behalf of the city in its legal department.

Creekbaum was previously arrested for driving while intoxicated in 2011, police have said.

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