The Ouachita Parish Women’s Republican Club elected a new club president and other officers to serve a two-year term leading the group’s educational and political activist programs.

The new officers elected are Misti Cordell (president), Angie Roberts (first vice president), Sherra Fertitta (second vice president), Kathy Ray (treasurer), Janet Knoll (secretary), and Katie May (corresponding secretary).

“I’m honored and very appreciative,” Cordell said. “The goal is growth. We’re going to continue growing our club.”

Kay Kellogg Katz also will deliver a “national minute” speech at each club meeting.

“We’ve kind of missed that during the last year,” said Lorie Moorhead. “We want her to be part of the process.”

Moorhead, who chaired the officer nominating committee, and former club president Mickey Jackson announced the nominees and oversaw the vote to approve each candidate.

Jackson thanked club members for their support and expressed her pride in the club’s educational activities.

“It’s been an awesome experience,” Jackson said. “It’s been challenging but it’s been an honor.”

Prior to taking a vote on the candidates, Hannah Livingston asked the club to identify the members of the nominating committee, an apparent reference to Fertitta, Ray and Roberts, who served on the nominating committee but also were elected as club officers.

Jackson and Moorhead pointed out that the individuals serving on the nominating committee were the only ones who volunteered for the responsibility.

“I’m very excited to serve as vice president and looking forward to increasing the membership of the Ouachita Parish Women’s Republican Club,” Roberts said.

The club also recognized several members for their hours of volunteer service at the Republican Headquarters: Beth Correro, Ann Sumlin, Jan McDonald, Charlotte Moore, Joanna Massey, Sondra White, Ginger Dean, Vickie Harrelson, and Betsy Trapp.

Moorhead also was honored for serving as the club’s campaign coordinator.

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