Dean Smith

Wossman head coach Dean Smith 

Wossman High School's head football coach, Dean Smith, was relieved of his duties this morning, The Ouachita Citizen has learned.

Smith said he was told the school wanted to go in a different direction in a meeting with the school board Friday morning. 

"That was verbatim," Smith said. "This is the third principal we've had in six years. I think (Harrington "Trey" Watson) wanted to make a change before he got deep into his administration." 

Wossman recorded a 5-6 record in 2019. After starting 4-1, Wossman lost five of its final six games of the season. Under Smith, the Wildcats were 33-35 over the last six seasons. 

Smith said he hopes his time at Wossman is remembered by opposing coaches fondly. Smith felt his teams did a good job of always coming to play and believed his opponents would say that about his clubs.

Smith had verbal spats with opposing coaches in the district. Some of those public feuds were friendly, like with Sterlington head coach Lee Doty, while others had some real animosity behind it.

In 2018, Carroll head coach Tank Washington played a clip of Smith on The Morning Drive with Aaron Dietrich and Jake Martin for his team on a loop before the Baby Bayou Classic. On the a.m. radio show, Smith said the only thing he feared from Carroll was their band. 

Before the game began, Carroll's team ran to Wossman's sideline and the two teams had to be separated. 

The outspoken Smith said he didn't have any regrets in his time at Wossman. 

"Mike Leach runs his mouth too, and he's done a great job in his coaching career," Smith said. "You have to understand that at certain schools people look at it year by year. Look at Coach (Robert) Arvie. He took Richwood to the state championship game and was let go after the following season." 

Smith said he hasn't decided what is next for him. He could step away from coaching, as he's a certified teacher. He could also look to make the leap into administration.

"That's why I got my master's degree years ago," Smith said. "I knew I couldn't coach forever. I wasn't some clown out there coaching. I'll coach my son at some point, and maybe you'll bump into me coaching in the spring. Who knows?" 

Former rivals in the coaching ranks joined Smith's staff over the years like former Bastrop head coach Adrian Burnette and former Carroll head coach Jackie Hamilton. 

"I'm not asking for favors or anything like that, but I feel I've been good to my fellow coaches," Smith said. "In the coaching fraternity, I'm not thought of as some horrible person or anything like that. I won't say I'm done with coaching yet." 

Calls to Wossman's Watson went unreturned.

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