Bill Roark

It’s in our DNA! Since the beginning of America and even before, we have been hunting and fishing our vast lands from shore to shore, from the valleys to the plains and all lands in between.

We have hunted the wildlife in the woods and the plains and we have fished the lakes and streams. Our fathers before us taught us to be conservationist to preserve the hunt for their children and grandchildren. Over 100 million Americans age 16 and over pursue wildlife recreation. There are 568 natural wildlife conservation areas set aside. Hunters and fishing partners contribute more than $156 billion annually to the U.S. economy. From 2016-2020 there were 2.3 million acres available for hunting and fishing. Recreation land has never been in more demand than today.

Gun sales and hunting licenses are at their highest level ever. Guns of all calibers for hunting, sport and protection have reached record sales. Few households, with the exception of where they are outlawed, are without, at least, a single firearm. Our forefathers gave us in the 2nd Amendment the “right to possess and bear arms.”

For over 200 years Americans have enjoyed and protected that right. Until recently it was the unquestioned right of every American. Today there are some who call that right an outdated antique of a past generation. They claim that if you outlaw guns and disarm every American citizen even criminals will turn in their guns. Think Chicago and Los Angeles as examples.

A Canadian wrote recently, be very careful, they first register all firearms, then fine you for every one you own and then they confiscate? Guns become the single most powerful deterrent to a dictatorship form of government. Guard your 2nd Amendment rights if our children and grandchildren are to enjoy what generations of Americans have in the past and too often take for granted.

On the Local Scene

CHECKERS and RALLY drive-through restaurants have merged with a name CHECKERS. A new Checkers Drive-through restaurant will locate at the corner of Cypress and Norris Lane, West Monroe. They have over 800 locations all with double drive-throughs since 44% of all orders are off premise (not inside).

A tract of 2.4 acres next to KNOE on Tower Drive, Monroe has sold for $236,871. The land sold for $2.26 psf

Bill Roark is a Commercial Associate Broker at Tri State Properties and may be contacted by email to

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