Bill Roark

Hotels have become an integral part of our lives as we travel around the country for business or pleasure.

There are many booking services that allow us to reserve our room for a night, a week or longer. This permits us to know that when we arrive, whatever time, a room will be waiting for us.

We have also seen the price of hotel rooms soar in price over recent years. When I was traveling around the state a few years ago, managing over 2,000 hotel, apartment and commercial units, I paid $40 to $50 per night for popular chain hotels. Today those same hotel chains charge over $100 per night. Guess what? All of that may be about to change?

Hotel chain owner-operator MCR is trying a new pricing experiment called “a la carte pricing”. Today if you check into a hotel with an indoor swimming pool, an equipped fitness room, a conference or meeting room, room service and even a limited breakfast you may expect a separate charge for each amenity. There will also be an extra charge for early check-in or late check-out. While this “a la carte pricing” is not widespread today it may become the norm in the future.

This change to service fees would lower room rates and allow many hotels to remain profitable.


The largest treehouse in the world had over 80 rooms spread across 10 stories and took the builder 14 years to complete before it burned down in 15 minutes!!!

bThe former ST. FRANCIS NORTH MONROE HOSPITAL has sold for $3,000,000 to Lafitte Investments II LLC. The building will be used for corporate and leased office space. The building on 16 acres sold for $13.88 psf.

The COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL BUILDING at 279 Huey Lenard Loop Road in the West Ouachita Industrial Park has sold for $585,000. The 20,000 sf building sold for $29.25 psf.

Bill Roark is a Commercial Associate Broker at Tri State Properties and may be contacted by email to

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