Bill Roark

There is a new experiment in Northeast Louisiana that has not been tried in our area.

Arkansas Road is the location of three new experimental traffic round-abouts. I have seen no accidents and only a few close calls with vehicles attempting to beat oncoming traffic.

The new round-abouts located at the intersection of Arkansas Road and Kiroli Road, Good Hope Road and Forty Oaks Farm Road. There is also an additional round-about at the intersection of Well Road and Interstate-20 where traffic backed up onto Interestate-20 creating a potentially dangerous situation.

In the past at some of the intersections, especially Forty Oaks Farm Road there could be up to 40 vehicles in line requiring three traffic light cycles to get through. Now with the round-abouts, traffic never stops and there is continuous traffic flow. The round-abouts are much more expensive than a simple traffic light but a great facilitator in moving traffic. I expect with the success of these round-abouts in moving traffic this will be recreated in numerous high traffic intersections.

I predict that with this expansion of Arkansas Road to a four-lane highway and the new round-abouts there will be more commercial development.

There is already under development a 5-acre large modern convenience Store with 71,500 sf retail spaces and a new Dollar General Store.

On the Local Scene

PEPPERS BAR at 1620 Arkansas Road, West Monroe has been sold for $175,000. The building sold for $50 psf. I understand that a veterinarian will open his practice at this location.

The 12-ACRE SITE on Oliver Road, Monroe has been sold for $1,600,000. The site is a proposed large apartment complex.

Bill Roark is a Commercial Associate Broker at Tri State Properties and may be contacted by email to

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