Edward J. O'Boyle

Fifteen years ago Hurricane Katrina battered New Orleans leaving nearly the entire city under water with thousands of residents fleeing and many others struggling to survive in a hell hole of a makeshift shelter in the Superdome. Tragically, many did not survive.

Sometime later investigators reported that it was not the natural forces of the hurricane that flooded New Orleans but a floodwall and levee system that collapsed because it was poorly designed, engineered and constructed. Further, the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet which was designed to improve the flow of commercial traffic around New Orleans became a channel for saltwater intrusion into freshwaters areas reducing the wetlands which historically absorbed much of the storm surge associated with hurricanes. MRGO and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway provided efficient conduits to funnel Katrina’s storm surge into the heart of New Orleans. Added to all of that, many of the pumps that carry water away from the city failed.  

The human floodwalls and levees that we have relied on for years to maintain a tranquil and protective social order have been attacked and undermined so extensively that today we see some of our biggest cities in collapse. Property is destroyed, small businesses are looted and burned, human beings are intimidated, physically beaten, and in some instances killed by aggressive groups carefully organized around the operating principle of hatred of all things most fundamental to the America envisioned by the founding fathers.  A nation built on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the equality of all men and women who are able and willing to govern themselves, and majority rule constrained by the Bill of Rights.  

Tearing down monuments to Washington and Jefferson are carefully planned and intentional acts which symbolize what the mob intends to do:  overthrow private enterprise and limited government putting democratic socialism in their place. Cutting away all the pleasantries associated with “democracy,” democratic socialism promises basic human rights to housing, education, health care, a higher minimum wage, a green environment, placing all economic, financial, and environmental decision-making in the hands of an elite few in Washington. 

We have known for more than 50 years that children, the weakest and most vulnerable among us, have been abused in the most depraved ways by their fathers, their mother’s boyfriends, their older siblings, and even their mothers. Perhaps worst of all, by the presumably trustworthy Scout leaders and the clergy. Since 1973 it has been legal to take the life of an unborn human being because the Supreme Court ruled that the unborn are not human persons protected by the U.S. Constitution. The difficult-to-refute lesson is that babies and children are expendable.

But they are not the only expendable ones. Domestic violence has made spouses expendable and drug abuse has made countless others expendable in their own eyes. Human traffickers search for impressionable and marginalized human beings to enslave and exploit for their own personal gain. In the end those slaves are expendable.  

Other expendables both the young and old who are beset by despair render themselves expendable by taking their own lives or commissioning others to do it for them. They have decided that dying is better than living.

Human intimidation and brutalization are weapons used by hate-filled individuals and mobs to show their disregard for their targets, many of who are selected at random, by designating them as expendable. If you think “expendable” is too extreme, consider the language used by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election: “you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.”

Radicalized individuals and organizations demand justice to right the wrong of past injustices perpetuated by their white oppressors. They do not understand or simply disregard the self-evident fact that when the demands of justice have been fully met, we owe one another nothing. That hatred and anger must be replaced by respect and forgiveness if peace is to be restored.

In their socialist, utopian vision of a better world, freedom of speech and assembly do not protect dissent, a free press becomes a propaganda machine, religious freedom is reduced to freedom of worship where no one of faith dare express their beliefs and convictions in the public square, the rule of law is set aside for rule by human beings, and lying is justified when it helps promote that vision.

Also included in their radical utopian vision are public expenditures that are paid in full by taxing the wealthy, 50 states that are stripped of their sovereignty, and the middle class and nuclear family disappear.

Today those radical activists promise, if elected, to unify the entire United States after the presidential election in November. No one is supposed to notice that unifying on the basis of identity politics is a contradiction.  In any case, it’s not unity they want, it’s control because for them the typical American is unable to govern herself. The political opportunists among them are trying to ride this wave of hate and anger into office. They are so absorbed with fundraising and rallying their troops, little time or concern is left for the expendables.

Edward J. O’Boyle is a Senior Research Associate with Mayo Research Institute. He has offices in West Monroe, Lake Charles and New Orleans. He can be reached at 381-4002 or edoboyle737@gmail.com.

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