Edward J. O'Boyle

That question is being raised by more and more freedom-loving Americans every day. Many are troubled by what they see happening that is personally threatening and beyond their control. They worry about who to trust and who to question. The CDC or their own doctor? The FBI or the police officer who patrols their neighborhood?  The head of their church or their local minister? The teachers union or their children’s classroom teachers? This president or that president?   

In the past decade Americans have been personally hammered by the Great Recession which called into question the trustworthiness of the persons you turn to for advice on your financial affairs, and the pandemic which made you wonder about who really knows how to treat Covid-19 and more recently the Delta variant.  Social media giants have appointed themselves in charge of what information flows across the internet and what information is held back. Hackers lurk around every corner on the internet ready to steal your identity, and to take hold of your data files returning them to you only after you’ve paid their ransom price.  

Denizens of the street threaten you with carjacking, physical assault, robbery, shoplifting, anytime day or night. Activists demand that society re-imagine control of the street because, they argue, policing is not the answer to criminal activity.

Washington issues mandates about wearing masks in public even when you’ve been fully vaccinated but does absolutely nothing to check whether the surge of immigrants coming across our southern border are infected with Covid-19. Or if any of them are convicted felons, human traffickers, or drug runners. To many of the career elected officials in Washington raising the money needed to win re-election is the most important item on their personal agenda. 

Much of these troubling and threatening developments is driven by a handful of well-funded and powerful persons and organizations that fully intend to tear down our representative republic and replace it with another of their own elitist design. To do that they have to destroy the institutions upon which the USA is built. Burn the flag, demolish the monuments that honor our forefathers, infiltrate our schools with hatred, defund the police, release those accused of street crimes without cash bail, define diversity in terms of race rather than content of character, spend the nation into a public debt load that will overwhelm our grandchildren. When you are trapped by your own contradictions, hire stooges to lie your way out of trouble, replace the will of the people acting through their elected representatives with rule by executive order. When all else fails, blame the white race for your problems much the same way that Nazis of Germany attacked the Jewish people and proceeded to crush dissent.  

The insurrectionists’ plan is simple. Push the institutions that support the old order based on individual freedom and self-governance to their breaking point, promising a new order based on collective security and governance by a supreme ruler. Throw out the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Reagan, bring in the likes of Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Nicolás Maduro.  

What will it take to defeat the insurrectionists in our midst?  A few suggestions follow. First, rise up and throw out of elected office in the legislative, executive, or judicial branch of government anyone who stands for racial or class warfare. Second, work together with other parents to remove any school administrator, teacher, or school board member who encourages your children to hate themselves, hate others, or hate America. If those efforts fail, find another school that encourages every child to be all that s/he can be in a freedom-loving USA. Third, steer clear of tech giants that control the media and decide who is allowed to speak and who is not. Their power and influence is a not-so-subtle attack on freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

Fourth, cultivate a reasoned skepticism toward the evidence that science brings forth. Science is a method of finding the truth. It is not the truth itself. Sometimes even the best scientists get it wrong. For that reason, no science can be taken as settled.

Fifth, join neighborhood watch to keep an eye on what’s happening in your immediate surroundings.  Report street lights that are not working, trash that is not being picked up, disabled vehicles left abandoned on the street or others that have been broken into. Be watchful of children playing in the street with no adult supervision. Attend city and county council meetings to complain whenever local officials do not respond to requests for assistance.

Sixth, pray to your Creator for the strength and courage to do what is necessary to protect your family first, followed by your friends and neighbors. Defend the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. They are the foundational documents of a representative republic. They affirm the sacred dignity of every human being.

Benjamin Franklin warned us that the founding fathers gave us a republic provided we can keep it. Many years later President Reagan famously said that freedom is never more than one generation from extinction. Our generation faces the very real threat of losing our God-given freedom. Holding on to both our freedom and our republic requires action not just to deal with the internal threats to our nation which we have just been talking about. China is one of several external threats to our very existence and clearly the most dangerous one.  

China’s threat is threefold: economic, military, and ideological. Every time an American producer or consumer buys an item made in China because it is cheaper, that purchase adds to China’s enormous balance of trade which in turn contributes to its military strength and expansionist plans which are not limited to the Pacific. The question that Americans must ask themselves is which system of governance do they support, one in which the independence and personal responsibility of the self-governing individual is valued or one where the individual is dependent on an all-powerful governing elite who promise to provide for every fundamental material need as a human right?  

Edward J. O’Boyle is a Senior Research Associate with Mayo Research Institute. He has offices in West Monroe, Lake Charles and New Orleans. He can be reached at 381-4002 or edoboyle737@gmail.com.

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"demolish the monuments that honor our forefathers" Why does the US have monuments to the losers from the Civil War? If we had monuments to King George or Hitler or Stalin, people on both sides would be upset.


Why do people believe everything they read on social media? Everyone complains about it but no one is required to use any of those websites. I'd much rather get my facts from the Washington Post and Fox News.

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