Sam Hanna Jr.

Obviously buoyed by Gov. John Bel Edwards’ two gubernatorial elections in five years, leftist Democrats took aim at U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy and found a taker in Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins.

A West Point product who got his law degree at Harvard, Perkins qualified last week to oppose Cassidy in the November elections. Cassidy, a Republican, is seeking his second term in the Senate. A host of other candidates qualified to oppose Cassidy as well, but it’s Perkins who matters. For the obvious reasons.

On the surface, Perkins looks like a formidable candidate. He’s black, which all but ensures black voters will rally behind his candidacy, and since he’s highly educated he’s appealing to those white urban and suburban types who may not appreciate Cassidy’s trek to the right over the past two-plus years in particular. If Perkins somehow unseated Cassidy, he would become the first black statewide official in Louisiana since P.B.S. Pinchback briefly served as governor during Reconstruction.

When Perkins was a candidate for mayor just two years ago, Shreveport’s largely white business community embraced him. They thought they had found the perfect man to lead Shreveport out of an economic malaise that has plagued the community for years, and since he’s black, Shreveport’s ruling class felt Perkins could do something about an out-of-control criminal element that has fueled the perception that Shreveport is a very dangerous city, which it is.

For all practical matters, Perkins has done nothing for Shreveport economically and the city is still a hell hole, crime-wise. Worse, Perkins’ grand plan to revitalize Shreveport’s economy centers on guaranteed annual income for every resident of the city. In other words, just send everyone a government check whether they work or lay up on the sofa.

It’s not as though Perkins’ candidacy for the Senate came out of the blue. Speculation that he would take on Cassidy has bubbled under the surface for weeks, but very little was said officially until Perkins qualified. And overnight, Perkins had a campaign staff in place littered with former lackeys from Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign.

Perhaps you recall who Bloomberg is. He’s a former mayor of New York City who left the Republican Party and spent tens of millions of dollars of his own money to institute gun control measures across the country and to eliminate our Second Amendment gun rights.

Later, Bloomberg became a Democrat to vie for the Democrat nomination for president to run against President Donald Trump. In Louisiana, Perkins was Bloomberg’s campaign manager.

Bloomberg’s bid for the nomination was an abject failure, but he has since vowed to spend hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money to defeat Trump. Obviously, he’s spending some of his vast personal fortune to defeat Cassidy as well.

However you wish to analyze it or dissect it, Perkins is simply the latest orifice that leftist Democrats like Bloomberg and George Soros are using to pour tens of millions of dollars into in order to bring the kind of change to America that we’ve witnessed on television in Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, New York City and other locales where Democrats employ the criminally inspired urban machine vote to reign supreme.

Is that what we want in Louisiana? A bought-and-paid-for hard-core leftist?

I don’t think so.

Sam Hanna Jr. can be reached by phone at 318-805-8158 or e-mail at

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