Sam Hanna Jr.

Regardless of the outcome of President Donald Trump challenging the validity of the vote in key swing states in the Nov. 3 presidential race, Trump has single-handedly altered American politics forever and because of him the battle lines separating the two major parties are crystal clear.

The parties have swapped stripes, too.

The Democrat Party is no longer the party of our youth when it was regarded as the party for working people and minorities. It no longer is the party that advocates for trade barriers to protect blue-collar American jobs, which without a doubt can be credited for fostering America’s middle class. It’s no longer the party of peace, love and understanding.

Republicans of our youth were viewed as the party for the rich and powerful. It was the party of big business and big industry and for fat cats on Wall Street. It was the party of the country clubbers and those who sneered at anyone who was not born on the right side of the tracks. Often times in our youth, economic downturns were blamed on Republican policies because, after all, Republicans supposedly did not care about the common man. Only the rich and powerful mattered.

Anyone who has remotely paid attention to current events over the last decade or so should fully understand the Democrat Party now believes the Founding Fathers got it all wrong more than 230 years ago when they cobbled together a Constitution. Freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and due process, among other rights guaranteed by the Bill Rights, have worn out their welcome in the eyes of today’s Democrats. A free-market economy that fosters ingenuity and rewards hard work is a thing of the past, according to today’s Democrats, and that worn out model should be replaced with a guaranteed income, free health insurance and a free college eduction for all Americans and for all illegal immigrants. There’s no need to hold down a job in the eyes of today’s Democrats because Uncle Sugar will take care of you. It’s that simple.

Layered on top of this insanity are the elitists among Democrats who discovered they can publicly promise the moon to their faithful followers, radical marxists and career bureaucrats included, while at the same time they can count on big business and big industry and Wall Street fat cats to finance their political endeavors. Of course, big business and big industry and Wall Streets fat cats collect their payoffs through government contracts and preferential carve outs in the U.S. tax code. All the while, the working man and working woman pays for this charade because it is his and her taxes that get raised. Freeloaders rock along with their welfare checks and food stamps flowing freely, courtesy of Uncle Sugar. And the American taxpayer.

Sadly, the Republican establishment in Washington, including Republicans who refused to stand with Trump in his challenge of the election results, have played along with the Democrat elitists. You see, the Republican establishment has become nothing more than bill collectors for the welfare state. Not only did the Republican establishment decide it could live with the Democrats dragging America into a state of socialism, it enabled it. The Republican establishment realized it could go along and get along as long as it reaped its just rewards. Such as seven-figure lobbying jobs on K Street in Washington once their political careers came to an end. Such as high-paying jobs for their kids and their spouses. Such as a lucrative contract for a friend who fully understood he must “get right” when his politician pal bowed off the political scene. That’s how it works in Washington, and if you doubt it, why do so many candidates fight to the death to win a coveted seat in the Congress? Because serving in the Congress represents a clear path to economic security and a life of leisure.

Make no mistake, Trump is hated among Democrat elitists and establishment Republicans alike because he exposed the hypocrisy. He awakened the American people to the truth.

Over the past four years, the Trump agenda remarkably resembled what Democrats used to stand for, what Democrats at one time fought tooth and nail to advocate and defend. You see, Trump put the working man and the working woman first and in the process he put America first. That’s unacceptable to the establishment in both parties. That’s unacceptable to the elitists in both parties, for their continued success depends on the American people following their lead like a herd of sheep. Like sheep being led to slaughter.

Yet, the gig is up, and it is reasonable to say enough Americans finally recognize the leaders — the establishment — of both political parties do not have their best interests at heart. This development is especially troublesome for establishment Republicans because whether establishment Republicans realize it or not, the tens of millions of Americans who have stood by Trump through thick and thin will no longer serve at the Republican establishment’s beck and call. They are Trump Republicans now.

It’s quite simple, really. Republican office holders have a choice to make. They can embrace the Trump agenda — the America first agenda — or they can side with the socialists in today’s Democrat Party.

There is no middle ground anymore.

Sam Hanna Jr. can be reached by phone at 318-805-8158 or e-mail at

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