For Christian believers, the Easter Story is no story at all. It’s a reality of transcendent and eternal proportions.

The belief that God came to live on Earth as man is difficult enough for nonbelievers to handle, but the fact that this God incarnate, Jesus Christ, was crucified, died, buried and rose again on the third day is preposterous to most nonbelievers.

Faith and belief; how can these simple words have such an impact on the way ordinary people see biblically related events?

Those who do not believe see these events as fables, stories or frauds. Those who do believe recognize these events as not only related to our time in this world but provide each of us a path to the next one.

Believers know that Christ’s Passion was not simply the egregious death of a man, but, rather, the death of mankind to sin. Christ’s resurrection on the third day provided the means for mankind to be freed from sin so that eternal life can be enjoyed in the presence of the Almighty.

The crucified Christ, the resurrected Lord and the eternal God all share the common dimensions of freeing mankind from human failure, offering the hope of ultimate victory, and securing an eternity of peace free from the pains, failures, humiliations and diseases of this world.

Yet, the believer must believe in biblical events that greatly try the rational. These events do not offer a menu: believing some events and choosing not to believe in another. The Crucifixion means nothing without the Resurrection. The Resurrection does not occur without the Crucifixion. Neither has meaning without God becoming man through a virgin birth. Easter is not a time for menus; it is the most holy time in Christianity for belief and faith.

Of Christian holy times, Easter seems to be the most difficult for the secular. Why? Easter requires faith in the very basic tenets of Christianity and an unbending belief in the events of the days leading up to sunrise on the third day. Without this faith and belief, one will not have an understanding and awe. The earth is no longer the resting place of a body, the financial concerns of life no longer define life and the pleasures of the world are no pleasure at all. Destiny becomes eternal because death is defeated.


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