Americans, in our earlier history, united to successfully meet national crises, foreign and domestic. Such as fighting for our independence from England, waging our own Civil War, battling two World Wars, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and several other memorable shockers.

Now we face a major election crisis in which tens of millions of Americans appear to strongly believe a national election was stolen by rogue Democratic operatives, funded by foreign and domestic enemies of our country’s best interests. Our so-called mainstream media aggressively support the fraud and ignore facts. Sadly, the mainstream media’s credibility is shot.

Meanwhile, most of our authorities in our federal government — appointed and elected — refuse to take a stand against grand theft voter fraud after taking oaths to support, protect and defend our laws and Constitution, as directed by our Founding Fathers. Countless Americans fail to understand why a vast majority of the members of the Congress, the judiciary and executive branch do not seem concerned about the flood of sworn affidavits and other alarming evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election that has surfaced in recent weeks. Everyday citizens have come forward to expose this national crisis, but the courts do not appear to be swayed in the least.

We should remember Abraham Lincoln in his remark about the Civil War when he said, “A house divided cannot stand.” Lincoln got it right.

If our elected leaders — regardless of their political affiliation — do not stick with their sworn pledges to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, future historians may assign credit to them for allowing the destruction of the world’s longest surviving democracy, now 244 years old.

Make no mistake, America is at a breaking point.

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