LSU’s success on the football field wins a lot of exposure for Louisiana’s flagship school, and that’s usually a good thing.

But at Saturday’s game against Mississippi State, LSU got a little too much exposure. The Tigers’ star, Joe Burrow, was dragged to the ground by his breeches during the game’s third quarter, and fans in Starkville got to see a little more of the quarterback than they needed.

Burrow took the wardrobe malfunction in stride, and managed to crack a joke about it. Good for him.

But it’s hard to understand why CBS sports felt it necessary to show two replays of the incident.

And it seems doubtful the network would have taken that approach if the same thing had happened to a woman athlete.

CBS has played a constructive role in covering LSU sports and helping Louisiana tell its story through athletics.

But in this case, the network owes Burrow, and LSU, an apology.

—The (Baton Rouge) Advocate

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