It seems as though Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are more than a bit reluctant to answer many questions that have been put to them. This is quite possibly because they realize the electorate may not like their answers and so rather than answer these questions they seek to sidestep the issue and hope those listening to them are too stupid to pick that up.

They have both been asked that if the Democrats take the White House would they be averse to packing the Supreme Court. Their evasion on the issue is to say, “We’ll let the election decide that.” Their answer is no answer at all. I’m sure most concerned voters would like an answer to that question before the election, not afterward.

Another of their leftist projects is to try to promote statehood for Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, both Democrat enclaves, which would give the Democrats an extra four senators basically in perpetuity. This is another issue they try to evade when questioned.

I watched snatches of the vice presidential debate the other night (snatches was all I could handle) and I had a hard time with Kamala Harris’ smirking at anything anyone said that dared to disagree with her. She came across as one that talks down to the stupid electorate because they are not capable of grasping her exalted wisdom.

I turned 82 this year and I never recall the Democratic Party being as far to the left and as radical as it is now. Their agenda would almost make Karl Marx look like a moderate. I can see now why they waffle and obfuscate when answering questions. They want to fool the public in regard to their far-left positions on just about everything and most of their friends in the mainstream “news” media are playing with this charade.

If we end up having an honest election I can’t see, for the life of me, how the Democrats will ever get enough votes to win. I can see why they feel this mail-in voting scheme will be a boon for them.

Al Benson Jr.


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