Christians have a very clear command when it comes to showing respect for parents, grandparents and their forebears: ‘“Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may be well with you and that you may live long on the earth”’ (St. Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians, 6:2-3).

The echoes of this primordial command from God resounded even in the souls of the non-Christian civilizations around the world, as they performed various rites to worship their departed ancestors.

But the Louisiana House of Representatives has determined that they know better than the Holy Prophet Moses, St. Paul, Confucius, Cicero, and the other wise men of the past, as they have recently voted to desecrate the memory of Gen. Robert E. Lee and Confederate veterans by removing their holidays from Louisiana’s calendar (the bill in question is House Bill 248).

This isn’t the time or place to debate the causes of the War between the States. Suffice it to say that the same oligarchy that has no problem exaggerating the dangers of COVID-19; lying about the efficacy of face masks, the threat of the Jan. 6 protesters, or the security of the Mexican border; and hiding from the public cheap, safe, effective remedies for COVID like ivermectin and Vitamin D3 — that same oligarchy has no problem lying to us about the virtues of Lee and the rest of the Confederate soldiers who nobly defended their homes and traditions, fields and forests, barns and churches from the barbaric conquest and plundering which the Northern marauders were intent on visiting upon Dixie for her “crime” of peacefully seceding from the union, an action consistent with the secession of the 13 colonies from Great Britain in 1776.

For those who want to read the history of the War to Prevent Southern Independence without the censorship of woke, globalist gatekeepers, folks should seek out the web sites of organizations like The Abbeville Institute and Charleston Athenaeum Press.

But, as we said, our main point here is not to rehash the narrative of the war. It is to point out the inconsistency of the Louisiana House with the commands of Holy Scripture to honor our forebears. How can we expect things “to be well with us” when we are happily abusing the memory of our elders? It is an evil thing to destroy the memory of any person; it is an even worse crime to erase the memory of virtuous people. And that is what Gen. Lee and Confederate veterans are: virtuous men.

By dishonoring our forefathers, we are inviting disorder in Louisiana. If they have an ounce of fidelity to the Christian Faith and to the integrity of the notion of family, Louisiana’s 39 senators will swiftly kill and bury the monstrosity that is HB 248. All Louisianans should contact them and encourage them to do exactly that.

Walt Garlington


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