Almost 20 years ago while working with an area non-profit supporting children and families, I met Judge Sharon Marchman.

Initially these encounters were at meetings or gatherings where the challenges facing our children were debated.

We would be problem-solving, resource building, collaborating and commiserating over the barriers of poverty, drugs, lack of education and all the other society ills that impact the success of our children in NELA. I remember thinking how surprised I was that a local judge would take the time required to participate in these conversations.

Quickly I realized just how committed Judge Marchman was to solving these issues. She was present at every table making valuable contributions to discussions. It was clear to everyone that she was passionate about solving these challenges. She wanted to make a difference.

Over time, I began to work with Judge Marchman more closely. I attended court and provided services at her request. She had created a network of resources for intervention, always with the hope of supporting both the child and family through whatever crisis had led to their involvement with the juvenile justice system. She was determined to make a difference.

Through the years, I have spent hours with Judge Marchman. I have worked with families from her court. I have celebrated new additions to families through adoptions she has finalized. I have had the honor of watching up close as she has saved families, changed lives and created happy endings.

Judge Sharon Marchman makes a difference.

Our community needs judges with compassion and strong values to provide leadership in our courts. Judge Sharon Marchman serves with great integrity and respect for both the justice system and the citizens of the 4th Judicial District. Our community needs Judge Sharon Marchman!

Denise Calhoun

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