Editor’s Note: The Ouachita Parish Police Jury voted last month to decline extending the term of Mike Mulhearn on the Ouachita Parish Hospital Service District No. 1’s board of directors. Last week — after The Ouachita Citizen received the following letter — Police Juror Scotty Robinson made an about-face and indicated an openness to reappointing Mulhearn to the board.


Like many of those that read the article last week about removing Mike Mulhearn as the chairman of the board of the Hospital Service District No. 1, I am in total amazement of how this was done.

I have known Mike Mulhearn for many years and know that he is totally committed to creating a better quality of life for all of us. He helps to run and maintain a very successful business that his Family started over a hundred years ago.

Scotty Robinson on the other hand has been an employee of the taxpayers for only a few years. I live in District A where Robinson is the Police Juror and if you would ask the people in the district if Mike Mulhearn was the right person for the chairmanship, I would bet almost all would agree.

So it’s not about the quality of the work, it’s about political smear tactics. Scotty Robinson really had no business running for Congress when the only political experience he had was on the local level.

So when the next term comes Scotty, be prepared for a quality candidate to stand opposed to the political upheaval that you have brought to the Parish.

Oh and another thing; we will expect a motion in the upcoming juror meeting to introduce term limits.

John Pace

West Monroe

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