How does one change an entire culture from a republic, to an autocracy, or even to socialism?

First and foremost, patience is essential.  Like 30 or 40 plus years of patience.  Patience that is fortified with a steady, slow progress of infiltration.

The infiltration of four pillars of our society is necessary; academia, media, the judiciary and finally, the halls and offices of government.

It began in the classrooms of our universities.  Just a few with very liberal ideas to begin the process of indoctrination of the young minds as they begin their experiences of independence from parental day-to-day supervision.  Not a difficult task, but one that takes time.  Patience will win out though, for those who are hooked  continue the indoctrination of their friends.  Just a few years.

The schools of journalism, law and political science are fertile grounds for continuing the mission of change.  This all takes time and patience.

After a few years, young journalists who have accepted the idea of change as being their whole purpose of being, begin to spew their newfound philosophy over the airways and in print.

At the same time, many young law students are being prepared for the roles which they will play in this evolution.  But just being lawyers isn’t enough.  They have to occupy the judiciary, where they can bring about liberal outcomes with their court decisions.  Patience, more patience.

Later, many of those students enter the field of political science.  A broad field, comprised of, as you might guess, academia, journalists and judiciary.  Now, they are proposing our laws through their academic think tanks, making our laws through our lawmakers, and enforcing our laws through our judiciary.  And the media constantly reassures us that all of it is in our best interest.

Changing a country doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes years of preparation, and a lot of patience.

We are watching the rewards of all that patience.

Frank Scalia


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