Just recently I heard from a friend that the Harris/Biden regime “... has declared its intent to go door-to-door to pressure those who have not received a COVID shot to receive one. This is problematic on two levels. First it is a flagrant violation of pri- vate property rights and of the right to be secure in one’s home and body from unjust harassment (Louisiana Constitution, Arti- cle 1, Section 5.”

You have to ask yourself: Since when did it become a function of government to come" "into people’s homes and pressure them to take some form of federally mandated vac- cine they may or may not want?

This is a major step beyond what the U.S. Constitution and the Louisiana State Con- stitution allows and, quite frankly, it should not be allowed. However, the federal gov- ernment will attempt it if they think they can get away with it. In spite of all its mean- ingless rhetoric about people’s “rights” this current regime is really dedicated to evis- cerating those rights and using the man- aged news media to deflect any flak they

might get from trampling on our rights." "I don’t expect too many people are famil- iar with the doctrine of interposition, but it is something that needs to be looked at here. It is something that James Madison looked at way back when. Madison, for those who may not know, was called the “father of the Constitution.”

I will quote what my friend sent me briefly here. He said we should “...contact Attorney General Landry and your state representa- tive and senator and ask them to do what James Madison recommended that State officials do when the federal government acts outside its prescribed constitutional" "bounds: that they interpose themselves be- tween the federal government and the fel- low citizens of their own State to arrest the progress of an unlawful federal action.”

And in this case, the feds going door-to- door to pressure people into taking a vac- cine that may be questionable to many is definitely an “unlawful federal action.”

Let us hope our state officials will have the “intestinal fortitude”—guts—to protect the people of this state and do something about this.

Al Benson Jr.


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So what about the Mormans and Jehovah's Witnesses? I guess we'd better arrest them before they knock on your door.

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