Nov. 3 is almost here. This is important because it is Election Day. For most local, state, and federal employees, it is also a holiday. It’s a day off so that those employees can go VOTE!

Voting is a responsibility for every adult person that is registered to vote. Please thank our veterans for this often neglected freedom that we enjoy.

One of the candidates seeking re-election is Judge Sharon Marchman. She is running for the office of District Judge. I have had the very good fortune of being associated with the 4th JDC Drug and Alcohol for nearly 10 years, which is under her leadership. Judge Marchman has surpassed my expectations in her fulfillment of that position. I have found her to be honest, caring, and very forthright in her administration of those individuals in that program.

As a gun owner, shooter, and certified POST instructor, as well as a certified Concealed handgun instructor, I vote for candidates that are pro 2nd amendment and support my constitutional rights. Judge Marchman is such a candidate. Not only is she a NRA member who supports our 2nd amendment rights, Judge Marchman is the only Judge that I am aware of that is POST certified to carry a handgun for self- protection.

I have taught concealed carry handgun training for 24 years. It’s a one day class with some qualification shooting. This training allows the student to apply for and receive a concealed carry permit issued by the state police. POST certification, as in Judge Marchman’s case, is entirely different. It mandates that one complete the police academy level of firearms training, with many hours of class room instruction, followed by many more hours of actual range training, often consuming over a thousand rounds of ammunition. A written exam is required to complete the course. Judge Marchman has met these criteria for POST qualification.

Unlike concealed carry which requires a permittee to re-certify every 5 years, POST requires that each certified individual maintain an annual re-certification within 13 months from the last certification. This, Judge Marchman has done every spring for the last several years under my observation as an instructor. Please note that she accomplishes this with a S&W service revolver instead of a polymer hi-cap 9mm.

Please join with me to make sure our gun rights are protected by supporting the only experienced candidate running for District Judge Division B. Join me in voting for Sharon Marchman.

Robert C. Hilton


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