The DeSiard Street Shelter, which serves people in the area who are homeless, recently underwent a name change and is now known as The Renewal Center of Northeast Louisiana.

The Renewal Center operates from 722 Adams Street in Monroe (previously located on DeSiard Street).

Renovations of the new campus on Adams Street marked the completion of Phase One of the Renewal Center’s three-phase plan. This has allowed the Renewal Center to create a clean, safe environment for those people who receive the center’s assistance. The Renewal Center now offers private showers, laundry services, overnight beds and access to peer support services, in house and available on Adams Street.

“The Renewal Center is an incredible partner in addressing homelessness here in Monroe and the region,” said Sarah Johnson: Director, Director, The Home Coalition. “The compassion of the leadership and staff make The Renewal Center a safe place for especially vulnerable people to find haven, help, hope and, ultimately, home. The Renewal Center works hand-in-hand with all of the homeless service providers, making our area much more effective in ending homelessness for thousands of families each year.”

The Renewal Center plans to begin Phase Two by summer 2022. Under the second phase, the Renewal center will be able to house more cooperative partnerships to bring all the resources for those in need to one location. A new cafeteria kitchen and dinning/multi-purpose room will also be a valuable addition.

The Renewal Center is a 501(c) (3) organization, and any contribution made to the center will be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The Renewal Center seeks to faithfully testify to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, instructing the homeless and those in need in the development of life skills and providing housing—all in one location.

“I have been so blessed by the ministry of The Renewal Center in Monroe,” said Jenny Steffins Remsberg, Development Director, Life Choices of Monroe. “Whatever the challenge, whatever the problem, I never have to question whether there be a willing heart and a willing mind to work to troubleshoot through the issue.

Always available, they have walked with us through several clients who desperately needed what they were able to work through. I’m so grateful to call them a Partner in The Kingdom with us. Life Choices Pregnancy Resource Center of Monroe stands with The Renewal Center.”

Troy B. Lizenby

Chairman of the

Board of Directors

Then Renewal Center of Northeast Louisiana INC

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