It is Dome week!

At least that is what we always called it. And because of Steven Fitzhugh a few more young men still can.

I remember when he called me in February to tell me the private schools voted themselves out of the Super Dome. Why would anyone deny their team to play there?


But as Steven does, he immediately took the chance to make it right and sent a request to the LHSAA for the site of the state championship to be the Dome assuming OCS would make it (always a safe assumption). Most thought the request would be denied. Not Fitz. This weekend his Eagles play in the Superdome for the 6th time under his guidance.

Coach Fitzhugh is about what’s right for the kids in his team. He is about honesty and character. If he says we will trade two films, he won’t go through the back door and get others. He doesn’t need to, OCS will most likely win anyway. He has built a dynasty on the simple belief that building men of courage and character is more important than wins. On that premise, the wins have piled up!

He is a man of faith who’s commitment to serve goes beyond his own team to all others in the community. 

Athletes he coached 25 years ago still come by and see him. He has touched more lives for Christ and for their good than most people will ever understand.

I don’t know that I have ever met a happier man. A friend of mine once said, “If you ever hear someone say something bad about Fitz, you better get as get away from them because they are idiots.” And I agree.

He stands on the Rock. He is not afraid.

God Bless your efforts my friend!

Daniel Bristo

Searcy, AR

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