Here we are, just a few days before Christmas, in the year 2021.  We should be singing carols, attending Christmas parties, and completing general shopping for gifts for our friends and loved ones,  and for our holiday meals.  We should be attending services in our churches. We should be going about our preparations to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Instead, we continue to deal with the effects of the management, or mis-management, of COVID-19: the uncertainty of who should be vaccinated and who shouldn’t, or who should wear a mask, and who shouldn’t.  We hear experts on one side insist that masks are an absolute need, while those on the other side argue against masks. 

We struggle with an inflation caused by our own doing.  We see it drying up our savings.  More of us are now living day to day with decisions about what must we eliminate because of costs—what can we afford and what can we no longer afford.

We hear results of first one poll, then another.  What is your No. 1 concern?  Is it the economy?  Is it the price of gasoline?  Is it COVID?  Is it Russia or is it China?  What about crime?  Increases in robberies up 30 percent to 40 percent.  Murders are up to record-breaking numbers.  

Our courts are deciding persistent questions about abortion, when if we would only listen, God already answered the debate for us.  Yet we argue in our courts, knowing their decisions will not satisfy everyone.

We argue about silly things, like whether a man should compete in women’s sports, and much more serious things like what our children should be taught in our schools.  We struggle now more than ever over race, when the real issue, as Martin Luther King said, is the “content of our character and not the color of our skin.”

There seems to be no limit.

Our country has struggled with similar problems over the years, and somehow, we have always managed to overcome.  Maybe we will do the same now.  But it does feel different this time.  I’m an old guy, and it feels different.

Frank Scalia


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