I will be voting yes to Amendment No. 1, also called the Love Life Amendment, when I vote on Nov. 3.

If passed, it will add the following language to the Louisiana constitution: “To protect human life, nothing in this constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion.”

This amendment will not ban abortions directly, and does not have any effect on whether or not pro-life laws have “exceptions” such as rape, incest and life of the mother, but it will protect our state from a “state-level Roe v Wade decision,” by a court judge as has already happened in 13 other states.

We need our Louisiana legislators to make our laws and represent the voice of our people. We deserve nonviolent healthcare that does not treat anyone as disposable.

Vote yes because lives who are too small, too weak or too dependent to speak for themselves are worth fighting for.

Sarah Parker


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