The citizens of Ouachita and Morehouse Parishes have a very unusual opportunity to cast a vote to re-elect Fourth Judicial District Judge Sharon Marchman to continue her work in the district court’s Division B. 

Why unusual?

In this day and age, to see with my own eyes an elected official that is honest, hardworking, and with proven results in the height of integrity that Judge Marchman has — is a joy to behold!  I am most impressed with her drug court results. 

It breaks my heart to see our young people become addicted to drugs.  Some of the drugs being used will utterly destroy the cells of their brain, liver and kidneys.

Note that all of these organs are made up of small fine cells and when these chemicals hit them it is much like pouring acid on an open tender sore in the skin.  The pain it causes makes you quit pouring.  However these organs don’t holler at us to say stop! These organs just allow us to continue in our stupidity.

Thank goodness, we have a Judge available to our area kids that has the guts to help our kids see what drugs/alcohol is doing to them. The young people that I know and have heard from now have changed lives.

Judge Marchman brings in each drug/alcohol addict individually and researches their triggers and their likes and dislikes. 

Through her knowledge of the law and her Christian compassion; she is able to reach into the lives of our kids, who are in the throes of addiction, and brings them back to reality and living. 

The number of kids touched and changed is astounding.  There are many more successes than failures.  It is imperative that we re-elect Judge Sharon Marchman to the bench where she has helped so many.

Verda Gates

West Monroe

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