We have signs everywhere, but do people read and abide by them? Some door signs say, “Push” or “Pull.” Some door signs say “Closed” but you can still watch folks try to open the door.

There also are speed limit signs.You are driving along at the speed limit and folks are passing you and looking at you like you are an idiot for being on the road. People driving 70, 80, and even 90 in a 60-mile per hour zone. What about these No Parking--curb service signs. Have you seen people, park there, go inside, get what they want, come back out and leave? People without any authorization for handicapped parking still park there, probably thinking they will only take a minute. Have you ever seen anyone drive down a street, past a “Do Not Enter” sign? How about the “One Way” sign?

Signage that states Express Lane—8 items or less. Have you ever seen someone pull up there with a buggy full of merchandise? That’s a good one.

The sign on a drink dispenser stating “Out of Order.” How many times have you seen someone still give it a try?

Do we really read signs or pay attention to them? Have we failed in reading or do people just refuse to pay attention to signs?

Now we have new signs. Some are white, some are bright red, some are big, some are nicely printed, some are store made, and some sent from corporate offices. These new signs say, “Wear a Mask to Enter” and “Protect Each Other,” “Mask Required to Enter,” and “Don’t Enter If You Have COVID Symptoms.”

Watch and see how many still go in without a mask—to them the sign does not matter.

But if there is a sign on the door, let’s read them and abide by the signs.

Lets make this a better place to live with everyone caring about their fellow brothers and sisters—show others you can read. Wearing a mask or not wearing a mask is a person’s decision, but signs are on doors for a reason. Read the signs. Show you care.

Jim Addison


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