The time for separation has come. It is now plainly obvious after last week’s fiasco at the Capitol in Washington City that anyone who shows more than the limpest opposition to globalism, Marxism, gender confusion, and the rest of the anti-Christian Elite’s ideology is going to be labeled an ‘insurrectionist’ and dealt with quite harshly. Apostasy is being openly proclaimed from there as well.

The opening prayer for the 2021 session of the US Congress was directed to the Hindu god Brahma. 

There is no longer any reason to remain under the authority of the oligarchs there. They have renounced any goodwill toward those who hold to anything resembling traditional Christian life. The plan of Hamilton, Lincoln, and those like them for an all-powerful Leviathan central government (i.e., the Philadelphia Constitution of 1787) has succeeded all too well.

It is time for the parishes, counties, cities, towns, and States that have any common sense left to leave the present Union and forge a new one, yet one that corrects the deficiencies of the present charter. In particular it needs to be far more decentralized and to provide States and localities specific mechanisms by which they can protect themselves from unjust actions of the higher levels of government. Also, for Southerners at any rate, there must be a specific acknowledgment and defense of cultural norms: of our Christian Southern heritage, of the Christian definition of marriage, family, and gender, that the goal of man is not to build utopia on earth but to prepare to stand well before the Awesome Judgment Seat of Christ in the next life, and so forth.

If we content ourselves with the status quo politically, those who adhere to traditional folkways will soon find ourselves either in a weak, defenseless, shrinking ghetto or in a re-education camp. Let us start now to network and plan how to escape the darkness glowering on the horizon. James Kennedy’s new book “Red State – Red County Secession” offers some helpful guidance in that regard. May God bless our efforts, unworthy though we are.

Walt Garlington


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