In the last 21 days running up to the presidential election, one revelation after another comes to our attention, information that would normally seal the fate and outcome.  That information could be too late.

The Democrats, under the direction of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, have indeed planned and orchestrated a slick deception in order to gain control and power.  And they have mounted a campaign of voting that will be nigh impossible to authenticate.

They have put up a candidate for POTUS who is, and always has been, flawed at his core.  One who has lied and cheated and plagiarized his way to the position of the nominee of their party.  One who, along the way, has suffered a disease that robbed him of the mental capacity to reason, remember, respond or react.

Our only hope is in getting out the vote to counter the efforts of the Democrats.  

Donald Trump, without question, has a manner of speaking that rubs many people wrong.  But it is his accomplishments that must be considered, and those accomplishments are many.

He speaks with the imperfections and wisdom of a New York city cab driver.  Crude, but true.  And he gets things done.

And now, he is willing to sacrifice his very life, by traveling across our country each day in order to reach the people.

If you want an America as we have known it, with freedom and liberty for all, I beg you, get out and vote for Trump.  Reach out to your friends and relatives and neighbors and acquaintances.  Get them to vote.  This may well be our last chance to save our country.

Frank Scalia


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